Outside Experience includes participating in mission trips, serving in churches, volunteering with events before becoming a member of Vox Church.

Volunteer (events & initiatives) is a person who serves at a Vox Church event or initiative, such as VBS, Renewal Nights, Revival Weeks, Outreach events, VoxYouth events, and special services.

Host Community Group involves facilitating a group of people through a multi-week church curriculum.

Join a Team involves volunteering on a servant team at a campus, including parking, ushers, Next Steps, hospitality, prayer team, VoxKids, VoxYouth, production, and photo team.  
Mission Involvement includes participating in a mission trip with Vox Church.

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Team Member is a person who serves in a regular cadence on a campus servant team, such as parking, ushers, Next Steps, hospitality, prayer team, VoxKids, VoxYouth, production, and photo team.  

Team Leader is a person who leads one of the servant teams at a campus.

Mission Leadership is someone who leads a mission trip at Vox Church, working hand in hand with Outreach Directors to plan, prepare, and execute mission trips.

Volunteer Leadership Staff Position is a person who spends a certain number of hours each week, under the authority of campus or central leadership, leading an area of ministry in a volunteer capacity.

Leaders Circle 3 is for individuals serving in a leadership role at Vox and is designed to develop the spiritual gift of leadership through small group meetings to go through the book Spiritual Leadership over a three-month period and use the Spiritual Leadership Small Group Study Guide in the back of the book to navigate the discussions.

Residency is someone who serves in an internship role at Vox Church.

Lead Leaders Circle 3 is an opportunity for deeper discipleship by leading a small group through the book Spiritual Leadership and its study guide.

Directional Team members serve in leadership positions at the campus level and meet weekly to plan for Sunday services and other events.

Staff Position/Campus Leadership Team involves serving Vox Church in a leadership position, either as a staff member or volunteer, to advance the mission to advance the gospel in New England through the local church.

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