Systematic Reading on Monday, Wednesday & Friday

Choose another book in the Bible to study. Here’s a few suggestions: Philippians, James, 1 Peter or Luke. Use the reflection and journaling questions found in your 28 To Change book.


One Topic Study on Tuesday & Thursday.

There’s so many amazing topics to study in scripture. Here’s a few simple steps to get you started. Ask the Holy Spirit to highlight one for you.

  1. Choose a topic. Here’s a few to consider: Peace, Holy Spirit, Love, Worship, Healing, Wisdom
  2. Go to and type in the topic. ESV or NIV are good translations to start with.
  3. On this website you have the choice of the studying the topic in the whole Bible or in just the New or Old Testament.
  4. Print out the scriptures on your topic.
  5. Choose 5 of the verses to study on your One Topic Study day. Slowly and carefully read the verses. Let them sink it. Re-read them out loud. Ask the Holy Spirit to reveal truth to you.
  6. Journal what you sense God speaking to you and how you can apply these truths to your life today.


Waiting and Repeating on Saturday & Sunday

  1. Click on the Nature of God resource. Choose 3 attributes or characteristics of God for your time in God’s Word.
  2. As you approach the scripture today, be ready to linger. Allow yourself to wait on the Lord and ask Him to bring deeper revelation around who He is. Don’t rush. Invite the Holy Spirit into this process.
  3. Take some time to respond to what God is speaking. This may include writing a prayer, a song of thanks and praise or a poem. Perhaps, you want to memorize the verse that stands out to you or journal your own reflections. Whatever you choose, be creative.


Demonstrate your love every day.

Scripture tells us to enter His gates with thanksgiving and praise. Demonstrating your love for God is one of the best ways to recalibrate our hearts toward Him. Use your words and your body posture to worship and it will stir your spirit. Here’s a few ideas to start you off:

  1. Worship along with a few of your favorite worship songs.
  2. Make a list of all the things you are thankful to God for and speak them out to Him.
  3. Use your own words to express how much you love God, and how grateful you are for all He has done.
  4. Engage your body posture. Stand, raise your hands, kneel or walk around.
  5. Take a walk outside and enjoy the glory of God’s creation as you worship.
  6. Read a Psalm that’s full of worship aloud. Make it your own.


Intercession and Requests. Take time to pray every day.


Speak Godly Confession every day.

First, allow the Holy Spirit to examine your heart. Are there any areas of unconfessed sin? Let the Lord reveal any words, actions or motives that are not pleasing to Him. Turn from those things, and by faith, receive forgiveness and freedom. Click on the Who I Am In Christ resource to begin your own list of godly confessions. This spiritual discipline has a profound impact on your heart and soul. Confessions speak to the invisible world around you and change the atmosphere. Consistent confessions yield great spiritual dividends.

  1. Set aside a space in your journal to begin listing your godly confessions from the “In Christ” list, one per day.
  2. Read these truths out loud, with faith, over your own soul.
  3. Build your list. Commit them to memory. Remind yourself of these truths throughout your day.