Tier 1:

Following Jesus - Following Jesus is a six-week journey into spiritual maturity and the foundations of our faith, designed for those who are newer to Christian faith life and practice.

Essentials is a course designed for people to get more deeply connected and informed about the life of Vox Church by examining the core values, distinct vision, and mission. Vox’s on-ramp to membership, this class also provides people with ways to get involved through community life and serving as they learn to exercise their unique gifts within our church family.

Christian Theology,
a course of the Vox Institute, is designed to equip people to walk in greater confidence by providing a biblical foundation for the most important areas of Christian belief. Important to every Christian’s faith journey is a growing understanding of what they believe about God, the truths offered in the Bible and why.

Bible 101 i
s a core course of the Vox Institute available to all and composed of two separate ten-week semesters. Semester one offers a survey of the content of the Old Testament with semester two surveying the content of the New Testament. These courses do not need to be taken sequentially.
Forums will be hosted throughout the year by the Vox Institute,
open to the church at large and covering a variety of different topics ranging from apologetics (how to defend your faith) to a wise and biblical approach to parenting in a digital age.

Bible Classes will be offered two times per year,
either locally or regionally, covering a specific book of the Bible for between 6 and 8 weeks.

Recommended Tier 1 Reading List:

Tier 2

Accredited Program -
Vox church is finalizing a partnership with a seminary program that will position class participants to receive either certificate or degree credit. Degree credit ranges from undergraduate to graduate/seminary level credit.

Masters/PhD -
Vox church members possessing advanced level degrees in a related content area are eligible to be instructors for Vox Institute classes.
Teach Bible/Theology Class

Lead Following Jesus -
Throughout the year, each campus holds Following Jesus classes for people that are new to Christian Faith as it aims to walk through the basic beliefs at the core of Christian faith. Church members who are a part of a campus leadership team or have been intentionally developed by their campus pastor to do so are eligible to teach these classes.

Worldview 101, 201 -
Participants who have gone through Christian Theology as well as Old and New Testament courses offered through the Vox institute are eligible for both Introductory (101) and advanced level (201) classes in Christian Worldview Formation. The aim of these courses is to equip participants to think Biblically and understand a variety of real world issues through a Biblically Christian lens. How do followers of Jesus interact with and interpret the world around them using the truth of God’s Word?

Teach Bible/Theology class (local) -
Each year our locations (regional or local) will seek to offer up to 2 different classes in either books of the Bible or theological studies. Church members who are a part of a campus leadership team, have been through Vox Institute 101 Bible/theology classes or who hold degree credentials in a related field are eligible to teach a local or regional class.

Recommended Tier 2 Reading List: