Illume Conference Stories

I was at the Illume conference in Branford and I just wanted to say thank you for saying that prayer about giving my life to Jesus. I am new to church, I started going this summer with one of my best friends and I whispered that prayer today about giving my life to Jesus. Because of that, I went and found someone on the prayer team. She prayed over me and it changed my whole perspective on Jesus for the better and I have never felt more connected to God. I wanted to say thank you so much from the bottom of my heart, you helped me change my life for the better today! -Madi

Illume was amazing! I had been going through some things that had me feeling confused and depressed. I told my friend I was going to go home after lunch. I’m so glad I didn’t! In the afternoon it was like I had a brand new mind! For the first time, after many years of being a Christian, I fully understood and felt the love God has for me. I always knew God loves me but this is on a completely different level…I’m forever grateful. -Kathleen