Revival Nights - Amanda's Story

I sit this morning and am just in awe of what we witnessed the Lord do this week. It’s hard to find words around all the little and big things he’s doing in my heart and those around me.

This week I attended Revival Night on the Tuesday and Thursday services. Each time I came, I was seated next to 2 different women. Turns out both women I do not know personally, but I have prayed for them the in past (one at first Tuesday and one at Encounter). We pray for so many people over the years its hard to keep track sometimes, but these two stuck out in my heart, wondering if they had found healing after we prayed.

On Tuesday after worship, the first woman turns and looks at me and says, “I remember you. you prayed for me and I found freedom from addition after you prayed for me”.  (I prayed with this woman almost a year ago and haven’t seen her since)

On Thursday after worship, the second woman turns to me and says “I remember you, you prayed for my abdominal pain and it went away after you prayed for me”.  (I prayed with this woman 6 months ago and haven’t seen her since).

It's no coincidence that Justin shared on the gift of faith Thursday.  I truly feel like I received it last night.  A renewed fire to continue to pray when we don’t know the outcome. What a gift. My heart is humbled.

- Amanda