VoxKids Resources

Easter Devotional Guide

8 April, 2022 /

Check out this 8 day Easter Devotional for your family

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Advent 2021

23 November, 2021 /

Celebrate Advent as a family together and prepare for the Christmas season.

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Gratitude Family Challenge

7 November, 2021 / Maria Conrad

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August Placemat

1 August, 2021 / Maria Conrad

Parents, download this fun placemat for your kids this month.

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July Challenge Activities

7 July, 2021 / Maria Conrad

Join Vox Kids for our July Joy Challenge

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Memorial Day Bingo

13 May, 2021 / Maria Conrad

VoxKids! Check out this memorial day bingo card

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Mother's Day Interview!

5 May, 2021 / Maria Conrad

Use this activity to plan a great surprise for Mother's Day!

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God, I Don't Know What I Am Doing!

31 March, 2021 / Kisha Sheppherd

Article by New Haven Connections Director, Kisha Sheppherd, on trusting God through your parenting.

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VoxKids Holy Week Devotional

19 March, 2021 / Maria Conrad

Download our VoxKids Holy Week Devotional to help your child prepare to celebrate Easter.

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Kindness Family Challenge

25 January, 2021 / Maria Conrad

The power of a kind word or deed is amazing, and it feels really great to be the recipient and the giver. That’s why we’ve designed the Kindness Family Challenge—to give your family the opportunity to spread positivity and joy around your community and in your home together.

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