Icebreaker Option:  What is something unique about you that others may not know?

HOPE: Where have you seen God at work in the last week?

Pastor Justin Kendrick delved into the topic of identity from 1 Peter: 2:4-10. He discussed identity formation in our society, which produces status anxiety and a continual search for self-worth. He explored a Biblical perspective of identity from this text, explaining how true identity is found in Jesus, not in personal discovery or accomplishments. He emphasized God's love and mercy through the story of Hosea and Gomer, urging the congregation to embrace their identity as children of God. The sermon concludes with a call to communion, symbolizing faith in Christ and an opportunity to surrender false identities for a genuine connection with God.

• What are some examples of false identities that people often try to find their sense of self in? Are there any false identities that you have personally struggled with?
• How has the truth that you are chosen by God impacted your life?
• In what ways have you lived as a spiritual orphan, instead of embracing your identity in Christ?

HEAD: Read 1 Peter 2:4-10
• What metaphor does this passage use for Jesus and how is this imagery used to help us understand our relationship to Him?
• How does God identify us in this text and what is significant about each of these descriptors?
• What does text say about how we receive this new identity?

• In what ways do you see the strength and stability of God's identity in your own life when you are connected to Jesus as a living stone?
• How can you remind yourself of your true identity in Christ and how can we remind each other?
• How is your purpose shaped because of your identity in Christ, and how will you live that out this week?

HOPE: Prayer
• Ask God to help us let go of worldly standards and achievements as a basis for our identity.
• Pray for a deep understanding and experience of our true identity as chosen and loved children of God.
• Pray for victory in living according to our identity.

Going Deeper: Questions to reflect upon and encourage the conversation to go deeper.

Spend time with the book of Hosea.
• What surprises or challenges you in this account?
• How do you see the gospel message revealed through the story of Hosea and Gomer?
• How do you see yourself in this story and what will you

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