TITLE: God Works Through Team

HOPE: Where have you seen God at work in the last week?

HEAD: Read Mark 3:13-19 (NIV)
 • What sticks out to you in this text? 
 • How does Jesus call His disciples and what does he ask them to do? 
 • Who were the twelve? What stands out to you as you see the list of names? 

 • Jesus chooses ordinary individuals to be his apostles. Why do you think He chose ordinary people?
 • In what ways does teamwork help us discover our identity and purpose?

 • Can you think of an example of an attribute that you bring to a team or that you could work on developing?
HELP – Sometimes it is hard to see what we bring to a team. Let's help one another. 
Go around and take turns and have each person sit in the Hot Seat. For 60 seconds open it for everyone else to share what strengths the person has or attributes he or she brings to the Community. 

Additional Resources: Take a Spiritual Gifts Test: https://gifts.churchgrowth.org/spiritual-gifts-survey/

Scripture References:  
Mark 3:13
Exodus 24
Genesis 1:1
2 Samuel 23
Luke 6
John 6
Acts 2
Matthew 18
Deuteronomy 32
Matthew 28
One Corinthians 9
Ephesians 1:11

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