Icebreaker Option: “What's the most unexpected act of kindness or care you've ever received from someone?”

HOPE: Where have you seen God at work in the last week?

Pastor Mike Schnepp's sermon "He Took a Left" focuses on gratitude, waiting, and God's care for our needs. Using the Palm Sunday story, he emphasizes Jesus' attention to his disciples' needs despite impending challenges. By exploring prophecies and Jesus' unexpected actions, Pastor Mike illustrates God's faithfulness and Jesus' unique mission. Encouraging trust in God's plans, he reminds listeners of God's care, promises, and ultimate goodness in their waiting seasons.

• Can you recall a time in your life when you felt God's care during a difficult waiting season?
• What are promises from God that help you trust Him?

HEAD: Read Mark 11:1-11
• How does Mark set the scene for Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem? What is significant about the instructions Jesus gives his disciples for his entry?
• How did the people welcome Jesus? What does this reveal about their expectations and how does this help us understand and explain their cry to crucify Jesus just days later?
• Jesus took a left upon entry into Jerusalem. What does this reveal about his purpose?

He always cares about my cares.
• How can you remind yourself of God's character when waiting or facing uncertainty in your life?
He always keeps his promise to me.
• What are some promises from God that you need to trust in during your current waiting season?
He is always working toward my good.
• Can you think of a specific area in your life where you need to surrender your desires to God in order to experience hope?

• Pray for the strength to wait patiently and trust in God's unshakable character.
• Ask God for help trusting in His plans and surrendering our desires.
• Pray for eyes to see the evidence of God's faithfulness throughout the coming week.

GOING DEEPER: Questions to reflect upon and encourage the conversation to go deeper.
• Palm Sunday is a fulfillment of Zechariah 9:9. What other prophecies are fulfilled during this last week before leading to Jesus death and resurrection?

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