Tier 1 Opportunities:

Community Group

Financial Peace University


Redemption Groups meet weekly for 6 months using the Genesis Process curriculum. It is a blend of biblical principles, understanding of the brain, and proven recovery strategies for freedom from self-destructive behaviors.

Leaders Circle 1 groups meet twice a month for 4 months to read through and discuss the book Bury Your Ordinary. Hosted by a leader at Vox, the group’s goal is to build deep character through the consistent application of seven discipleship habits and the encouragement and accountability of other Christians in the group.

Recommended Tier 1 Reading List:

    Bury Your Ordinary, Justin Kendrick
    Search for Significance, Robert McGee
    Gospel, JD Greer

Tier 2:

Coach is a role in which a mature Christian comes alongside one or more Community Group leaders with regular, encouraging contact in order that those leaders might be built up, strengthened, and resourced as needed.  

1-to-1 Disciple Making is meeting regularly with another Christian of the same gender to encourage them in their spiritual growth.

Lead Leaders Circle 1 involves hosting a group of 5-15 people of the same gender, all committed to growing in Christ. This group will read through the book Bury Your Ordinary and use the Group Workbook to navigate the discussions.

Elder/Women’s Leadership Council Pipeline begins with a recommendation from the Campus Pastor to join the Campus Leadership Team, which comprises the Campus Pastor, Campus Elders, and Campus WLC. They work together to meet the spiritual needs of their campus, which includes active involvement in pastoral care and discipleship, marriage & family, prayer and women’s ministries.

Recommended Tier 2 Reading List: